How do you focus when you have a huge test the next day, and don’t know anything?


I have a World History test tom, and as u know, its boring! Cant focus!

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2 Answers

if you know you won't be able to prepare for the test by just listening, try to take some notes in class, and study them in a way that keeps you engaged. maybe make flashcards, put them to music, whatever works for you. try not to stress too much but at the same time be prepared. good luck on your test
Read through notes posted and write down facts that you want to remember. As you write it recite them.You will have reinforced the knowledge by reading, writing, and saying it.History can be fun as you learn how far we've come since the event or the irony in which we repeat our mistakes. Good luck.By the way study music (no vocals) sometimes helps, but it will depend on your sheer determination.