How do you deal with the loss of your support system?


My mom moved out a couple of months ago and the person that who became my support system after that told me that they no longer cared about me. I don’t really have any friends beside this person and I feel alone and depressed and I’m not completely sure how to handle it. Any advice?

Category: asked March 23, 2015

2 Answers

You do deserve to be supported and the fact that person said that to you says more about them than it does about you. Keep looking forward and try out new things to help make you feel better, like maybe trying a new hobby and try not to get discouraged if that doesn't work out because life is about trying as many new things as possible figuring out what you like along the way. Focusing on what makes you happy and hopefully picking up some new supportive friends along the way.
My support system is my work. I was put in the same situation as you, right when I experienced some traumatic events. I looked for alternatives to having to rely on people, and I've found that having work that's meaningful to you that you engage in regularly helps a lot. You can take comfort in it. I became an EMT, something else might work for you.