How do you deal with stress?


I’ve been in stressful situations my entire life, I didn’t have the best situation growing up and still don’t now. Currently, my main source of stress is school. I’m a senior in high school and the school I go to is extremely competitive. I’ve always been one to get good grades but its become exhausting. I’m already stressing about assignments I haven’t even gotten yet! I feel like since I’ve been stressed almost my entire life, I don’t know how to deal with it anymore. It’s gotten to the point where I’m getting stress related illness and have cycles of depression and anxiety. Any tips on dealing with stress and relaxing?

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Stress is the kind of thing that is very consuming but CAN be overcome if you know how. Here are some helpful methods:
>The first thing you need to do when you recognize the feeling of stress is to pinpoint the source. Why are you stressed? Be prepared to block out the what-ifs that will come when you start thinking about it.
>Once you know why you're stressed you need to think logically. Stress stems from natural illogical worries, so once you have laid down the law a lot of stress goes away. Plan mentally on what was actually happen, and how you can deal with it.
>If you have any logical worries, you need to address them in order to stop stressing about it. Basically, if something is going wrong, plan on how to fix it instead of worrying about it. The goal is to be proactive, not reactive.
>Now that you have a plan you can relax and be confident about things. You're on top of the ball here!

If this doesn't work for your situation, I recommend instead forming a routine for relieving stress. People tend to not stress once they are doing a set activity that is familiar. I know that when I'm stressed I clean, but some people take walks, talk it out, play a game. Try to find what works for you.
I hope something I've said has been of use! Remind yourself that in the long run things are gonna be fine. Prioritize - the little things are just bumps in the road!