How do you deal with anxiety and panic attacks?


Hello, I’m wondering how you deal with your anxiety and panic attacks. I’m struggling really bad right now with it and it’s just tough living day by day in fear of it. I’m always doing my best to overcome it and be positive but a lot of the time it just takes over and I can’t control it. Idk, I feel so broken. I used to be able to do anything but now I’m almost scared of doing the littlest of things.

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Have you seen a psychiatrist or a therapist? If need be, you could have them give a diagnosis and any possibly needed medications.
That aside, there are quite a few things I've tried in the past. I'm a big fan of new age/ ambient music and have found some good songs on youtube. A good pianist I enjoy is called Yiruma, and all of his songs just really make me feel more upbeat and relaxed. Fun fact, there's actually youtube videos that are dedicated to helping with depression and anxiety through binaural beats. It works for some people, but not all. I personally (which I have depression) feel its affects, but my boyfriend who has an anxiety disorder says he doesn't get anything out of it. If anything, it's worth a try.

Another thing I've tried is yoga. It's meditative and also helps the body. Tai chi is also nice for the same reason. Another great thing about it is it can help your self esteem. Once you reflect on how your abilities grow day to day, you really feel better about yourself.

There's also some hobbies you could try out that can keep your mind busy. I found jewelry making to be very zen-like once you get into the swing of things, especially if the pattern repeats itself. Your hands are busy, and it requires some concentration to get the right shapes when it comes to working with metal/wire. Like yoga and tai chi, doing things that require you to work with your hands is also a self esteem booster because you can also see physically what you've created. (Best parts are when people ask you if you're selling your projects. It just shows how good you are!) Of course, you can also try other hobbies like even gardening.

And last but not least, you can try out some herbal remedies. St. John's wart actually can be a mood elevator and valerian root can also help you relax. You can ask your local herbal store what they offer for anxiety and they should know. If you have no stores like that in your area, you can google up "herbs to ease anxiety" and you'll find websites that name off things you can try. Typically a regular grocery store will carry most remedies in their pharmaceutical aisle.

I'm sorry if this seems a little convoluted. >_< Hope this helps you.