How Do You Calm Your Nerves? (Anxiety) Remedies and Techniques?


Just curious, theres so many different ways people deal with things. I personally find keeping a mint in my mouth helps settle me down (= and you?

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I find that it is not just during an anxiety attack that I need to learn how to control anxiety.So, I started meditating a few months ago. It is not about being religious or anything but the concept of patience and how to control emotions is a great lesson from meditation.
Wow there are many things I do to calm my nerves :D
(1) I wash my face
(2) sing, not a good singer but yeah
(3) listen music
(4) dance, once again not a good dancer but yeaaah
(5) go to my perfect little world. In other word, daydream
Just as all belief structures hold to a Golden Rule, so too do all calming and comforting techniques hold to a Golden Rule:


Slow, deep, controlled breaths have the natural effect of slowing your heart rate, bringing your blood pressure down and easing nervous tension. It is this physical act that soothes smokers, brings practitioners of meditation to their Zen state and helps anger management members calm themselves by counting backwards from ten.

I always recommend a 5-5-5 breathing exercise:
Sit somewhere comfortable and quiet, close your eyes and bring to mind a blank, white background. All of your thoughts appear on this background as they pop up. Inhale slowly for five seconds to the fullest expansion of your lungs. Mentally imagine yourself "wiping" the image in your mind clean of your thoughts. Imagine a single, slow swipe across this white background, like a whiteboard.
Hold your breath for five seconds, feel and focus on your heartbeat.
Exhale completely, letting out your breath slowly for five seconds.

Repeat this exercise until you can keep your mental white space "clean", and bring your heartbeat to a slower rate. This is your calm center.

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