How do you bounce back after a binge?


After binge eating I fall into a huge downward spiral of depression. I don’t want to eat, I don’t want to get out of bed. I just want to cry for hours. I don’t know how to cope. Any advice?

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You're human.

Love yourself and don't let something like eating food put you in a hole. As human beings, we need to eat. The average person needs over 2,000 calories a day. Your body binge eating is probably your body screaming feed me. If you eat a reasonable amount of food every day, your body wont crave the binge.
Trust me, you're talking to a recovering anorexic.
Well, if at all possible I would try not to binge. I'm sorry, I know, easier said than done. I would suggest planing out healthy meals in advance though, and snacks that fall in line with the food guide. Staggering your eating throughout the day might help a little.
After a binge though remind yourself that you're human. That people make mistakes. And that's okay.
I try to go back and count the calories of what I ate, get an approximate number, see that it's just a day of diet ruined if I'm dieting, or try to eat less the day after/go on to an extra run if I'm not.
Thank you, I'm also a recovering anorexic. I just feel like I am eating so much still, like my 6 meals and all and it just still gets out of control.
I'm not anorexic or anything, but for me, when I got really depressed I stopped eating for awhile. But then I would get insanely hungry and binge. You need to space out the food over some time and eat things that are healthy. Whenever I eat healthier things as opposed to fried, greasy, etc. stuff, I always feel better. You can still eat the same amount of calories and nutritional value, but with vegetables and fruits that agree with you