How Do We Stop Being Self-Absorbed with Our Problems?


I asked this because I think it is something we all should learn. I have not come up on challenges so far that has made me extremely dense to other peoples issues. However I would like to be prepare for such an occasion where I can reduce the likelihood of becoming self centered with my issues.

So far I have been accommodating other people on this site and it have brought some comfort. Just wanting to know what other ways I can avoid the possibility of belittling other people’s problem.

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1 Answer

That really is something I struggle with. Not exactly being self-absorbed, because that's something I never was, but being considerate. That's something I find extremely hard to be towards other people - especially people that I don't really have much to do with, so I don't exactly care if they are well or not, if their cat died, if their day was good or not. But again, I need to be considerate. So what I do is: I take post-its and write: "Laura, be considerate." and then put them in places where I will see when talking to someone, like my computer, when I'm talking in the internet which is often, and sometimes I even write those same words in my hand so I will always remember to be considerate during a conversation, to be polite and inquire a little about that person's life - they might need to talk to someone and let something out. I think consideration is all about remembering the other person is human, too, and think about them instead of yourself.