How do we get back to 100%


I have been with my boyfriend for almost two years… And this 2nd year has been a living hell. We have had others try to get involved in our relationship, we have lost trust, we have fault 95% of the year, and we have pushed each other away to the point we could not communicate like a couple should.
Our first year together was almost perfect, we only had one fight which broke both of our hearts because it was our first fight ever… We knew how to bond, communicate, and love each other. But then things changed…
He got obsessed with facebook to the point it was hard to have a relationship with him… People got involved in our relationship and tried to tell us what to do with our relationship… His facebook obsession continued through half the year and I got really sick of it. After all the fighting and hurting each other, I had a long talk with him and asked him if he would stay off fb for a while and… he diid.
He has been off facebook for almost 2 months… And communication has gotten better and the trust is pretty much earned back. The problem is I am scared that if I give facebook back he wont be able to focus on me and give me the relationship time we need.
Our 2 year anniversary is on NOV 3RD… which is a month and 3 days from now… and i want our relationship to be better… I feel like that special day will help allot… but we do need to be working on it now..
So……. What do i do

Category: asked October 1, 2015

2 Answers

The fact that your boyfriend gave up his obsession with Facebook says a lot about how much he cares about you and about how much he respects you. he obviously wants to make your relationship work. I’m glad to hear that your relationship has gotten better since he gave up Facebook. And I understand your fear that if you give Facebook back to him, it’ll eradicate any progress you guys have made in your relationship. I think you should sit down to talk with him about your fears. Based on his commitment to your relationship, I believe that he will take precautions to prevent becoming obsessed with Facebook again. I think your boyfriend loves you and that he doesn’t want to go back to fighting with you. He’s already shown his determination to make things better between the two of you, so I believe that he will continue to put Facebook in the back of his mind. Depending on how your discussion with him about Facebook goes, I think you should give Facebook back to him on your 2 year anniversary. It’ll show your boyfriend that although you have reservations about him using Facebook again, you’re willing to trust in his love for you over his love for Facebook. Hopefully he won’t let you down by breaking your trust.
Just remember that there is a fine balance in life for everything and a relationship involves compromise. If FB means so much to him then let him have it back but also impart on him the wisdom to manage his time and the responsibility to play his part in the relationship. Have a talk on your anniversary and lay out some goals you want to meet during your next year of being together. And most importantly learn to live with, respect, understand, and value each other.