How do I work up the courage to talk to him?


I have liked this guy for a while, we used to talk but we slowly stopped because we no longer have classes together. Whenever I think I should talk to him in the hall or at lunch I get nervous.
I’ve caught him looking at me numerous times, and our eyes would lock and then he’d look away. Sometimes when Im walking some where and Im not with friends, I’d always see him not to far behind me. (Even though I know he usually walks with his friends too.)
How can I even go up to him?

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4 Answers

Take him off of the pedestal. He is a human being just like you, so treat him like one. He isn't going to give his friends the order to cut your head off if you don't conduct the proper flirtation ritual. Just talk to him. (:
Just remember you are beautiful and wonderful and an amazing human being. The worst he can do to you is say "no" and if he does that you still walk away with a new found courage and an experience. Just keep your head up, and be your wonderful self!
Whenever I'm in a situation like that I always say to myself what's the worst that could happen. He's probably nervous too, any situation that we won't know how it will turn out makes us nervous, but like you said you were friends so you obviously have things in common and the worst thing that could happen is he doesn't feel the same and i know that would really suck but at least you would know. I hope it all works out for you though
Thank you for all the wonderful answers. I apreciate it and I'll take the advice! c: