How do I unlove my ex?


He has moved on and started to see other girls. We dated for 3 years and broke up this year in February. I prolonged the pain of breaking up by still being in his life and hooking up with him until he met someone else..stupid for still hooking up with him..I know. :/

How do I fall out of love with him? And let go of the pain of rejection. I want to move on.

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In my honest opinion, you have to understand why you aren't in the relationship anymore in the first place. Why it wasn't working. Don't let yourself become his doormat. You don't want to be the fallback girl who is always going to be there when he needs to get his fix or something. I know that it is really hard to let go of someone you love but you have to realize that he has already moved on. Its going to be a harsh reality for you to come to terms with and its going to take some time. Unfortunately, there is no magic cure for getting over an ex but as cheesy as it sounds, you just weren't meant to be with that person because there is someone out there who is a more perfect fit for you. In the meantime, go out with friends, travel, start taking a yoga class, maybe try out that hobby you've always wanted to learn. Boxing classes are a great workout and will help you relieve a lot of anger or any feelings that are lingering inside of you. Plus, it will give you a rockin bod that will boost your confidence and make you so happy because you know you look amazing. I also suggest that you know your worth, know that you are worth more than a random drunken hook up, you're worth more than another notch on someones belt. You want to find a guy who knows how lucky he is to have you. Don't ever be with someone who doesn't treat you that way. Don't ever lose respect for yourself and don't ever feel like you aren't enough because you are more than that. You always want the right type of attention, for example "Wow, she is so driven and accomplishes every one of her goals in life. I really love her dedication" vs. bad attention "Wow that girl with the low cut shirt has a nice rack" You never want to be the second girl. You need to know how to be your own person with your own goals and aspirations. Don't ever let your relationship status define you. Know you are worth just as much out of a relationship than you are in one.
The key is time. It sounds almost silly, but it is true; I have recently broke up with my boyfriend of three years myself. Spending time with friends, family, and simply things you enjoy will push you quicker out of your pain and sadness. It takes a bit of mental understanding from yourself to-finding a reason to believe that this reality now is for the best. Don't worry, just give yourself some time-and you will be alright~
Wow, 3 years is a very long time! Longer you are close to each other the harder to get rid of the love. Rejection does hurt, but so is seeing the one you love date another girl. What to do? Either try to give up on him slowly but surely, or just hang around people that will get your mind off him. Hope this helps. :)
My girlfriend and I weren't together that long, but we were still together for over a year. She broke up with me, and we also continued to hook up until we just.. stopped.My heart was broken but I second the time comment. I didn't think it would get better then I finally moved on but I will always love her just don't need her anymore.We hung out recently and I didn't let myself fall back into that hole and I was satisfied being friends when I was completely heart broken over breaking up.So basically time. It will get better.
Like everyone has already said, it sucks but time really is the only sure cure. I broke up with a serious boyfriend recently and I understand how much you want a quick cure, but nothing will happen overnight. I found making a list of why it was good we'd broken up, or why he wasn't good for me was a big help - though I couldn't manage it straight away.Try and remember you deserve someone who can appreciate you and everything you have to offer!
Thank you for all the helpful and encouraging advice, I will definitely keep it in mind and practice it :)