How do I unfrazzle my brain?


I’m a uni student who’s been working on a year-long placement since July, depression and anxiety have always been a problem for me (I’ve tried psycho-therapy, cbt, citalopram, but nothing’s worked). It’s been some of the most difficult and unpleasant months I’ve experienced and it’s got my brain wrapping itself in knots. I’m questioning whether I really want to go into this career, or follow my passion which is music, I can’t focus on anything for particularly long, and keep jumping from one activity to the next. I’ve tried taking walks to clear my head etc but I just can’t seem to break all these cycles of thoughts and actions.

Category: Tags: asked November 16, 2014

1 Answer

Heh, sounds just like me. It's hard to give you tips or advices, because there aren't, in my opinion. You can try to pursue this career to not waste time, and at the same time continue to think what do you actually want without losing your passion. If it's time that you don't have for music, you can choose to give all of yourself for it after the graduation, or just leave your university if you don't feel confident at all on what you want. I think it's useless to continue a path if you don't feel motivated anymore. But still, it would be a waste of money and energy if you're already ahead with your studies. You're the only one who can choose for yourself, and even if it sounds a cliché, don't stress yourself too much. I know that here we're talking about your life, and about your future, but thinking too much about how you don't like what you're doing, might just makes you feel worse. Think. What did you think when you chose to become a university student? What were your dreams? What was your first intention, and what changed these years? And, even though you feel so depressed, is there really nothing that you can enjoy in what you're doing? Try to answer these questions first, it might help you clear up a bit.