How do I tell my parents I need a therapist?


School will be starting again soon, and I know I am just going to get worse with all the stress. I think it would be best to see a therapist, but I am scared of financial issues and what my dad will think of me..

Category: asked August 26, 2015

2 Answers

Hi. I was in your spot as well actually my family thought therapy was a stupid idea and fortunately, I cried to a doctor and she sent me to someone that she knew personally. Have you talked to your father about it? Maybe he will support you and you can start talking to him for the meantime. Have you ever check on the internet or phone books to see if your area have free therapy or counseling? If you have a clinic around that offers therapy it would be free of charge or you may have to pay $25 a visit at the most. There's away to getting the help that you need and deserve you just have to ask for help verbally and something will come up in your budget. Please keep me updated on everything.
You should at least verbally show your concerns to your father. I'm in a similar position, we have some financial problems, and I started therepy last week. Altho I only had one session I wish I would've started way sooner, I gained multiple problems by dragging it out through the years without really voicing it. If you at least try to make him understand, it's half way to finding a solution, and maybe finding a suitable and affordable treatment for you