how do i tell my parents


okay, so today i went into the nurses because my cut was bleeding and she told the head of school and told me to go see the psychologist about it and then i completely lost my words in there and now they are going to tell my parents about the lesson but i am not sure how to tell my dad and mom about me needing a phycologist because my dad especially will not be very happy about it and i am scared i will make him feel dissapointed in me, also my mom.

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2 Answers

It's not about your family being happy or not about it. You're going through a hard time and you need help. In fact a professional just told you that. Even if they aren't exactly happy about it, they're your parents and they'll do the best for you , every parent wants the best for their kid. So keep that in mind. Sure it will be hard for you and for them, but trust me, with time they'll be supportive and loving
Don't worry about disappointing them, worry more about what issues are causing you to do it. Good luck!