How do I tell everyone I’m lost?


When I was little all I did was get bullied and picked on. Every time I told a teacher they would just say was Don’t tattle, only tell some one if it happens more than once. It did all the time and that was the only response I got don’t tattle. As I grew up the same thing happened and soon I stopped telling my parents and just started facing it. I put on a mask every day saying ya my day was great to my parents and smiling for my friends who knew nothing of what was going through. When I got to middle school they changed everything. They said if bullying is happening tell a teacher right away. After everything I grew up with which started in Preschool this comes along. At first I was really happy right? I was finally happy my story would be told and maybe it would all stop. Turns out its way harder than I thought. What am I Suppose to say? “Hi I’ve been bullied my entire life, now what?” But I had another thought what would make these people any more different then any other teacher. scared of what they would say I just went through life not really trusting anyone. Now here I am in high school and still no one knows anything. I’ve been holding on to so many feelings for so long I just don’t know what to do anymore. At sleepovers my friends can just so easily cry and tell everyone what they are going through. And I listen and comfort and I think for a second what if I tell them. So many times I think how nice it would be if someone were there to comfort me. How can I tell everyone how I feel. Even though I comfort my friends, I want to scream at them at how little their problems are like I have this reoccurring dream of my boyfriend dying and I’m scared It will happen In real life.(No she is not psychic so it will obviously will not happen it stopped the day after she told us.) I listen to all of their secrets and they know non of mine. What should I do? Now what?

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You really have awesome friends if they are able to open up to you like that, which are the perfect friends because they will do the same for you. People are willing to listen to you, all you have to do is tell them. Don't feel alone because you aren't, all you simply need is a bit of courage to let your closest friends in and everything else will fall into place. I'm sure you'll find the comfort you need but if you ever need someone to talk just mssg me and I'll be here, along with the many others here to help :)