how do i take away the pain


okay so i started to feel panic attacks/anxiety attacks/stressed out more a lot more frequently know and i never really had them before. I had them so bad i thought about self harm or death but my family would not appreciate that. Then i decided to cut. right at that moment and the next few days i felt less stressed in my mind but more towards my arm. but after and during a little bit i felt so guilty i wore long sleeves and i lied. It was horrible and it still is and now i don’t know how to get rid of mental pain without physical pain. please help

Tags: asked June 18, 2015

1 Answer

Idk if it will help, but I suffer from anxiety and I found some methods to cope with panick attacks.First when you start freaking out, take deep breaths. May sound silly, but making your breathing regular and normal helps ALOT. Also if you are having bad thoughts, try to make them become racional. Fight against your own mind. If you have some place where you love to go, go there. Also try to use music , sometimes hearing some really calm and peacefull music helps alot.When it comes to cutting, I never did it , but I believe you do it to "focous" on the physical pain and to forget the mental one. So my advice is following one of the steps above , so you don't have to rely on the awfull physical pain.I hope I could help in some way :)