How do I survive this?


Ok so,
once upon a time I had a friend for 3 years, (let’s call him Shane) but then he left me for stupid reasons and because he became a psychopath or something, so I was left alone. He was my only friend, and I ended up getting depressed and self harming but soon that ended as me and another friend, (let’s call her Allie) made up after a long time of being enemies so everything was going great.
Shane and Allie started becoming friends again also after a long time of being enemies, and it started getting hard for me being around Allie so our friendship went down a few levels.
Now, me and Allie have had a history, we just switch from being friends to strangers or enemies, and it’s been this way since 4th grade for us.
And me and Allie often end up fighting, like now, and if that happens then I’m 100% alone. I wouldn’t really call her a real friend, you can’t really trust her with stuff and I get nervous being with her, because she gets easily irritated so I can’t be honest with her without starting an argument.
So..Does anyone know how I can survive this crap? :( I have 2 years left of school but they seem so hopeless because I’m always so lost,
in reeces/breaks I have no idea where to go, Allie always goes off somewhere with her friend..
after lunch I’m also lost, because Shane and Allie are always hanging out and I can’t just go up to my enemy..
I’m nervous for school tomorrow because when me and Allie fight the next day at school is a nerve wreck for me, I can apologize right now on Facebook but I’m scared she won’t accept it..

What do I do?..
How do I survive those 2 confusing and lonely years? Me and Shane were good friends for a really long time so I don’t know what to do now, I’m like a lost puppy or something :(

Category: asked December 14, 2014

1 Answer

Are you a highschooler? If not, I'd say that there is not just Allie and Shane in this world. I suggest you broaden your friend cycle a little. If you're in high school however, maybe you have to see them every day in class. In US, they're rotating classes but I'm not from US and I was stuck with the same class, same people 2 whole years (plus another class, another 2 years) and clubs were mostly inactive and I became more and more introverted. Little fights among friends are passing things and you don't have to feel like a wreck everytime you argue with them. It shows how close you are because distant friends don't fight much. I'd tell you to make up, but not for the sake of easing loneliness but for you know your fights are not something worth staying angry or offended for a long time.