How do I stop stressing?


I am 14 years old. In two years, I will take two major tests. However, I am taking these tests two years earlier than anyone else in school so that I can get into college early. I am taking a pre-A.C.T. (ACT is one of the tests) test in two weeks. I have set all of this up with my older sister. Everything so far, though, has been her idea. I feel as if I am going by the lifestyle that my family wants me to live, with no regards as to how I want to live. I agree with taking tests early, so that I can get into college – but I detest to taking them so… soon. However, I don’t want to disappoint my family because I can see how much it hurts them that I cannot live up to my older siblings’ glory (for I am the youngest in my family). I feel overly stressed… what do I do? Apologies for the long details.

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2 Answers

take away the stress trigers, or yoga, or a stress ball....or vent in the chat here at blah ..
My god... that's horrific. Ask anyone, even 17 is too young for college!!
Tell your parents you can't handle it! If you wait or don't talk about it, it'll get worse and it'll be too late. It's your life though, even if you are young, you shouldn't have someone else plan it.