how do i stop myslef from self-harm?


i just started to cut but i don’t wanna continue. what do i do?

Category: asked December 2, 2014

2 Answers

I can't say these methods were much help for me, and I've been self harming for two years so it's difficult and I haven't stopped, but some methods I've tried and have worked for at least 3 months are things such as drawing near where I want to cut during impulse moments, putting bands around the areas and snapping them lightly when you want to, other things such as positive thinking and letting out your stress to something else is a good idea rather than yourself.I just want to say that think about tomorrow. Tomorrow you could fall in love. Tomorrow you could fix problems. Tomorrow you could make sense. Tomorrow anything could happen. And if you screw it up, there's no getting what you want.
I can't say anything that I really know will help you personally, but these are things that helped me as an individual:1.) stay away from triggering material.don't watch self harm YouTube crap, don't look up pictures on Google or instagram. Also avoid depressing tumblr/Instagram/social networking accounts.2.) ask yourself what makes you want to harm yourself?is it a person, your own thoughts, or do you not really know why? if the answer is specific, try to find ways to fix it, like cutting off harmful relationships, or so on.3.) talk to someone.self harm is a lot to deal with. keeping it a secret could seriously damage relationships, and most importantly, you. There are so many willing people here to vent to, but I highly suggest finding someone you trust in your community.- - -most importantly, relapse is okay. it happens, but you can make the decision to keep fighting. I'm glad you've reached the point where you are searching out help. it's a big step :) stay strong <3