How do I stop from getting so sad I can’t come out of it?


Sometimes I get depressed, I can usually get out of it, but lately with all my grades, and people being rude, and all that, I’m afraid I might get so sad, that I won’t be able to get out of it. What do I do?

I don’t have many friends, and I get lonely sometimes, add that to the fact my grades are not superb…it all gets to be too much.

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4 Answers

I know this might not be the best advice but I mean why not try. If you're really upset with your grades try to get tutoring, they usually have other students during study halls that could help you out. Also, I know how it feels to be lonely, most people do on this sight. You just have to search, That's what I did and I've finally found someone that does understand me and I don't feel as lonely anymore. I know it's hard when you're depressed but there is always a way to get through it.
What you are referring to is depression. I do not know how to answer this because im already in deep depression and i fee as if im going to go mute completely. even at home. You can try to do things that make you happy. Do you like sports? Music?
You don't need to have a lot of friends, to come out of the sadness. When i'm sad, I write down why I'm sad and if i don't know why I'm sad, I write 'I don't know why'. Because you know, the book doesn't have an answer its just there. Also, i like to draw, draw all my feelings away. My brain tells me to put it down on paper. let et out, scream if you even have to, and about the grades, just sit down and forces, forces on the things, your just not that good at, make them better.
Do things to cheer you up, maybe take up a new hobby, it both gives you new experiences and also let's you socialize with a new group of people, watch a good film or listen to music.

Another thing you could try is writing it all down, how you feel and what things that has happened that makes you feel like this. If it's your grades, then make a decision to improve them. Try joining a study group or get someone to help you, set goals for yourself and award yourself when you've accomplished them. Also, try reaching out to some new people, wether it' someone in your class or maybe online who you could talk to as well when you feel like it.

Also, I found this article about 5 ways to stay happy; Stop chasing and start living,Wanting more is fine, but don’t forget to relax and enjoy life for what it is – in the present. Assume Responsibility, Instead of blaming others for what’s wrong in your life, focus on what you can do to make things better. Stop Seeking Stimulation, If you want to be happy, overcome this addiction. Develop the ability to enjoy life in its entirety – even when the stimulation stops. Enjoying every experience will give you many new reasons to be happy. Take Action , Educate yourself and commit to find happiness no matter what it takes. With enough hard work and dedication, you really can create the life you want. Expect Nothing , Accept life in its entirety; stop thinking in terms of what should be and accept what is. When you live without entitlement, every good thing becomes a wonderful surprise. Even better, expecting nothing means never being disappointed.

Finally, I'd like to leave you with some words from one of the greatest minds; ”Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” – Mahatma Gandhi