How do I stop being so indecisive?


I’m afraid this will become a huge problem in the future. I’m handling it right now thanks to the help of people that, even though I’ve been talking to them for MONTHS about the same dilemma because I couldn’t take a firm decision, they tried to drive me in a good direction, but I can’t always ask others about what I want. Whenever I ask myself this I can’t answer, because I don’t know. I’m trying to pursure a path and do something, but this thing about hesitating each time I have a problem or a small feeling is worrying me a lot. How can I become more decisive?

asked October 3, 2015

6 Answers

You are indecisive because you distrust your own decision-making ability. Find within yourself what it is that is fueling your distrust in yourself and resolve it.
agree with jonathan , you must trust yourself
Have you tried a cost-benefit analysis? You choose the pathway that allows you to reap the most out of it, or the outcome that you desire most, depending on your situation.
Totally agree with Jonathan. You don't believe in yourself. You have to believe in your mind and heart that in first place you CAN make this decison. Decisions are hard and you have to have a clear mind and self esteem to go ahead and make that decision. Wish you the best of luck
Making decisions are hard to do. My younger sister is like that, whether she makes a small decision (like choosing what shirt to buy) or big decision like (what course in college to take).

As I read the thread, you are finding it hard to identify the reason why you can't trust yourself on making decisions. I can probably help you by relating your situation with my younger sister's situation.

I think the root of the problem for my young sis for why she cant easily make her own decision is because she grew up looking up to me and my older siblings. We are always the ones who make decisions because we're older than her. Now, she's 20 yrs old and she still doesn't know how to make decisions. For example, she always asks for my choice on clothes that she wants to buy. We clearly have different tastes in clothing that's why I tell her to make her choice herself. Give her an hour and she'd still be standing is the same clueless spot. So I decided for her in the end.

I guess what Im trying to say is, it doesnt matter what you choose. You wont lose anything. Cos you never had those two choices to begin with. and at the end of the day, when you finally chose one of them, then you'll have one.
You're probably right, perhaps I don't trust my decisions, but then again, how can I gain this trust?