How do I stay positive and keep trying ?


I’m feeling so down. Recently got out a relationship. And I’m slowly recovering from it. Me and my ex still care about one another. But my really problem is I’ve been unemployed for two months and no signs of getting a job anytime soon. Even after me calling some many places. The only one who tries to reason with me is my ex to try and support me. My mother just makes me feel worse she said when she’s upset I’m going no where. Im so stuck and don’t what to do.

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1 Answer

I wish that I had some magical words to tell you but I don't. You just have to keep on trying. I had a job for 7 years and had to quit do to depression and anxiety that spilled over from my past break up (only happened a short while before quitting). It took me 5 months before I found a job but I landed a career. It is something that I never thought I would get but I did. The only reason I did get the job was due to the fact that I applied for everything, even things I didn't were possible to achieve. Keep going. Keep trying. There are job workshops, internet sites employers use for hiring people, government sponsored training programs and so much more. Just keep on keeping on. I know you can do it!