How do I start a conversation with a girl?


Okay so I’m a VERY shy 18 year old guy. I always want to start talking to a girl to get to know her, but my mind will not let me talk to them. How can I overcome this in the easiest way possible?

Category: asked October 23, 2013

3 Answers

Start small, and exchange small talk. Always look her in her eyes. Girls enjoy attention.
You realize girls are people, right? So, just like you'd talk to any other person. :) Pick one that looks interesting to you and looks like she wants to talk (look for them at places where people go to socialize and that cater to your interests). Maybe thinking of flirting and being liked is overwhelming you. So just try saying hi and being nice, and once you've mastered that, move on to longer conversations. Good luck!
Tell her you like her shoes, that'll really make her day. But don't go into detail about it otherwise she'll think you're gay.