how do I phrase this?


I was offered the opportunity to be an assistant designer/seamstress for an upcoming show at the Theatre I work at. I did this for the last large show, and it is an honor to be chosen to do it again. However, I was thinking of auditioning to be an actress in the show, and I am having trouble choosing. the theatre techs I work for are pretty kind and personal with us, but Im worried about presenting a bad image if I dont automatically take the opportunity to be assistant wardrobe tech.
I originally went into theatre to become an actress, and have performed on stage at this theatre, however, I also enjoy wardrobe, and It might be a safer career opportunity. I am having trouble choosing acting or wardobe tech.
Any advice on choosing? Is it rude of me to ask If I can hold off on making a decision untill after casting? or is that unprofessional behavior?

Category: Tags: asked August 15, 2014