how do i overcome my shyness and social awkwardness?!?!


posting this under dating because it kinda fits and its causing a problem with relationships.

well as the suggests, i am a extremely shy and socially awkward guy and i want to change this, but i have no idea how. i am also very insecure about my weight and body but i recently joined a gym to try and rectify that issue, that was an easy solution but i have no idea how to change my shyness or social awkwardness. so any suggestions, tips and advice would be great.

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Well , im sure as soon as you get the body you desire your confidence will boost and with boosted confidence it makes it easier to talk to others .
A lot of people find shy and awkward guys attractive, but if you're trying to be more bold first you have to know that you are not alone there are other reasons for feeling self-conscious like having had a bad past experience and feeling that you're not with people who are enough like yourself or who understand you. If you're willing to push your boundaries a little at a time and to find ways to build your confidence and soon you'll be a little less awkward. If you are shy and you don't seem to find yourself easily having conversations with people smiling always helps. Also, prepare. Think of topics in your head so you can easily keep a conversation going. About being insecure standing in a mirror for 2-5 mins and giving yourself encouraging thoughts and smiling is proven to boost your confidence for the day, try that. Just be yourself even if you are awkward, people have to accept you for who you are, not who they want you to be. If you keep boosting your confidence you'll get less shy and awkward. :D Good luck!
A lot of people think shy guys are cute honestly. OK so before I was extremely shy too. But there are times when i would feel really alone so I started talking more to this one person and we became close and im actually not that shy anymore. I just really gave up on worrying about what others would think about me and I havemade a few friends. I know this isnt really real advice but thats just honestly what I did. Baby steps like talking to 1 person only then I stared to talk to more people and gained more confidence.
Well, you can begin by using online communication. I know that many shy guys get acquainted with the girls on dating sites. Even my brother met his girlfriend on one of them ( ). First of all, such communication helps to raise self-esteem.