How do I overcome binge-eating


I am not sure If i am 100% binge eater but I cannot stop myself. I am strongly addicted to sugar also and usually i start out healthy in the morning, exercise but once afternoon comes in, I cannot control myself and I eat food even though I am not hungry, I really don’t know how to get rid of this.

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I am a fellow binge eater, diagnosed with ENDOS (as my eating disorder is not a traditional bulmia or anorexia but rather, an odd shift and combination of bulmia and binge-eating/disordered eating patterns).

Those who might tell you to 'control' your eating, or 'allow yourself' particular foods after exercising I don't think have a real understanding about what it means to have an eating disorder and how it impacts your life. Those proclamations will not help, but rather, hinder your efforts to recover. It is that logic of 'good' and 'bad' foods, and that self-loathing that comes from consuming 'bad' foods that will continue to see your binge-eating continue. It's not a simple fix to follow three meals a day and have some snacks, a binge-eating disorder is a mental health issue. I completely understand that feeling of being out of control, and sometimes when my own episodes occur, there is a strange feeling of disconnect, where I don't realise what's happening until after it's happened, almost like a black out.

Your first step is recognising that your eating and your negative relationship with food (i.e. feeling guilty after eating) is harming your quality of life. Changing your eating patterns without addressing the psychological aspects of your disordered eating will only be temporary bandaids, and you'll fall right back into the patterns again the minute you relapse, and trust me, relapses will occur.

As a fellow sufferer (and keep in mind that this is just a suggestion, you will find the right path/treatment that works for you) this is would I suggest you try.

1. Seek out counselling. You have to address the psychological before you can address the physical, trying to do both at the same time might be too overwhelming, you take it slow.

2. Know that binge-eating is not cured, it's managed. It's about learning coping mechanisms and practices to help you gain mastery over your condition.

3. When you are ready (and this might take a year or two of counselling before you are ready for this step) seek out a nutritionist who either specialises or can work with clients with disordered eating. You need someone who is not going to make you feel guilty when you relapse, you need someone who is going to help you continue your recovery efforts.

To give you an example, I saw a psychologist for 2 years and now have been seeing a nutritionist for 2 years. I am much better now than I was 4 years ago. I ended up going Vegetarian as this helped me rebuild a new and positive relationship with food (I'm not suggesting that going vegetarian is the right step for you, it's just an example of what worked for me). Other things that worked for me are designated spaces for food consumption and no-food zones, not having a huge variety of meals (dinner is the same thing 2 nights in a row, and then something different 3 nights in a row, breakfast the same 5-6 days a week, lunch is the same about 5-6 days a week). Weekends are fun-food zones, where I don't follow a meal plan.

I still relapse but I don't follow any particular 'diet' other than being vegetarian. I don't follow those fad diets like paleo etc, I follow a designed plan/have made it my own.
There could be a few reasons. Some people eat when they're bored. It might help to keep yourself busy with things so that you don't tend to go eat all kinds of things. Don't be too strict for yourself. Try to make a clear schedule for yourself. After you've done some exercise, you could allow yourself to have a cookie, if you like sugar. You could also try to go over to other people's houses where you don't have a chance to keep eating. There you just have what they give you and then you can't empty the closets. If you're too strict on yourself, then it's understandable that later in the day you can't seem to stop yourself. Learn to listen to your body. If your body says you're not hungry, try to do something else instead of eating. Just make sure you eat 3 meals a day and you can have a snack in between. Some fruit is good, but it wouldn't harm you to have a cookie as a snack.
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