How do I meet nice people?


I’m afraid to approach people. I just want to have socially awkward people that understand. How?

Category: Tags: asked December 17, 2014

2 Answers

Well I'm not socially awkward sorta. But I do have some people issues. Meeting people can be hard, meeting nice people can be even harder. However what I have found to be really helpful is joining groups. Get involved in the world around you. If you put yourself in situations where you can meet people the likely hood that you will make good friends goes up. Yea they may not be able to completely understand but then again no one will ever be fully understand because they are not you. But just by reaching out you will probably meet people that will understand at least a little bit, because we draw people we can relate to, towards ourselves. So yah I know this is way easier said then done but put yourself in situations where it is easier to reach out to people.
Thanks bird :)