how do i make it special?


so ive been with me gf for a month and a week and through this ive found out that she has NEVER been on an actual date sooo… i wanted to take her on one but i want another opinion on how i can make this special for her. any ideas? ( nothing to over the top please thanks ^.^ )

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Make it personal. Try to choose something that she has some sort of interest in already, avoid the average dinner-and-movie dates. It doesn't have to be over the top, the best dates normally aren't. Make it fun, do something where you can still talk and be enjoying an activity together.
Personally, I've had a couple memorable ones that include going for a walk one evening by the lake near my house, a night staying in playing board games and having dinner made for me, Mini-golf is always an easy go-to with some desert after.
Regardless of what you do, keep in mind that her first date will be special to her anyway. :) Good luck and just remember to have fun and be considerate.
Agreed with Aquietdarkness & Jonathan. Try going for a walk with your date. but remember to do the little things ( Open doors , Pull the chair etc..)
It really honestly depends on what she's like. You should make it special. If you guys met at a farm or something, go to a meadow and have a picnic there. Date doesn't necessarily have to be a fancy romantic dinner, date is being with the one you love and cherish and enjoying it all.
Hope it goes well! You've got a friend in me
I definitely agree with AQuietDarkness.... make it personal. If she likes animals, take her to the zoo or a petting zoo or a horseback ride or something. If she likes movies, take her to the drive-ins (if they still exist where you live). Tell me more about her and I can help make a personalized date! Otherwise, kinda made it all about her. Make her feel special. Hold the door open for her and be super gentleman-like. You don't need anything over-the-top to have it be special... the fact that you're going out of the way to make her first date special is wonderful in itself. If you'd like more help, feel free to message me! Good luck!
Base it around whatever she's interested in. I don't remember my actual first date but the first one I went on with my current boyfriend was the standard movie/dinner date. Which was great for me, I enjoy super heroes, movies and Italian food. We went to watch Iron Man 3 and went to an Italian restraunt. I loved it, whatever she's interested in, work it around that. :)