How do i make it easy?


I have a little crush on this guy who goes to the same church with me on Sunday, and i only get to see him once in every week. He’s really really really cute and he seems outgoing. But I’m not sure how he really is. I don’t even know him. And because of that, i really want to get to know him better. I think he’s about 6 or 7 years old older than me, i don’t think it’s a problem but i don’t think he feels the same way about talking to younger girls. When i was still in elementary school, i used to go to the different class in my church and he was one of the teachers. I’ve always thought he was cute but never had any crush on him actually and he had a girlfriend, she’s beautiful and she was also one of the teachers, she was my favorite bc she was nice and pretty. But now, I never see her around anymore. Not even once. I don’t know if they broke up or not, because if I want to talk to him, I should know whether he’s singler or not, if they havent, i think that’d be wrong to have a little hope that i could be with him. Last week, I was so close to talking to him, he was sitting right behind me but his friends came along so i didn’t get the chance, and then when the church ends, he was standing alone but there was some people who were talking to me and I wanted to talk to him but I couldn’t, we made eye contact for a few times but we didn’t actually talk. This week, I really want to talk to him. I really want to at least know him a little bit. But how I make it not obvious? How do I even start a conversation? Flirting isn’t really a thing in my country, you can’t just walk to someone, talk to them without people knowing that you’re actually flirting. That makes it harder for me. Please help me so I could at least be friends with him first.

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Ya cant make an omlette without breaking a couple of put yourself out there , its not a crime to azk somebody how their day is....dont worry about what other people will think . You live jn your world not in theirs.if there is something you want go know, just ask him.:)
The age difference is great and I, sorry if it sounds really straight-forward,but think it may not work :/..I mean if you even DO get to talk to him, I really dont think he will share his deepest secrets with you cos the age difference make you live in a totally different era for him. You can look for guys your age or a little older to befriend and hang out with. You should forget about him, speaking realistically. :c Sorry