How do I know if she likes me


There’s a girl that I think likes me and I want to find out with out directly asking her,and also not being weird or awkward I think she’s flert but I can’t tell

Category: asked December 2, 2014

3 Answers

Well first off you should know that everyone shows that they like someone in a different way so you can never exactly tell. Whether she's shy or outgoing, some signs she might show are being nervous first off, how do you tell that? Maybe she fidgets and adjusts her hair and clothing often, she might not keep eye contact with you because she's nervous. She laughs at a lot of your jokes even if they're not funny, she smiles at you. A big sign if the girl is outgoing is perhaps hugs and a lot of touching. But if she doesn't don't assume she doesn't like you because she may be shy or scared.Another thing is if she talks to you often and tries to get to know you (asking you questions such as what's your favorite... eg?)Hopefully I sort of helped! Good luck :)
2 words: Ask her.
If you don't want to ask her directly, you could maybe talk to her friends and ask them. Make sure the friends like you though. Most girls don't go for people their friends dislike.