How do i get this boy to notice me?(click for details)


(*not revealing age*)
hi ok so there’s a boy who i’ve seen and he wears shirts with the bands i like, skateboards, and is a really great artist except, we have no classes TOGETHER. we have the same science, chorus, social studies teachers though. plus we dont even sit close together at lunch. do you have any tips on how to make him notice me or how to talk to him?

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1 Answer

See if any of your friends know him or any of his friends try to find a social connection and use it to your advantage. If that doesn't work just go talk to him yourself! If you're too nervous to do that maybe if you ever walk past each other or something just look him in the eyes and smile, bat your lashes.. use your women-ness! But always remember "Classy never trashy" don't give too much of yourself and never let ANYONE no matter how strong or attractive they seem walk over you. Go get him, tiger. (;