How do I get someone to go out with me.


This is going yo sound a little mean bug I have a crush on a lot of people at my school. I wanna go out with some of them but they all reject me. How do I get them to kinda want to go out with me ?

Category: asked May 13, 2015

4 Answers

First off, while you're still going to school, don't focus on boys or trying to be in a relationship. It may look like a lot of fun, but assuming you are slightly younger, nothing good usually comes out of temporary relationships. Focus on your school work because that will do you way better than any boy will ever do you. Please don't ever forget that. If you try to rush relationships you more than likely will end up settling for less just because you want to feel like you have someone. (Speaking from experience) However, with your question I will try to answer that. Be nice, and friendly. Smile a lot, and be a good heart-ed person. Apart from that and being who you REALLY are, there's nothing much else you can do. Please try to consider my advice, I think it will really help.
yo = to bug = but
I know what it is like wanting something that you can't or shouldn't have. But in your case I would just be bold and ask them out.
Toughen up and move on. You can't help it if someone rejects you, so you need to respect that decision with maturity instead of trying to make them go out with you.