How do I get rid of nightmares?


Since the age of 7 my dad has verbally and physically abused me (mostly the latter). I am now aged 19 and have finally been set free from all that. However every night I am plagued with horrendous nightmares from the violence.
Having these nightmares mean that I rarely sleep. Last night I slept 1hour.
How can I help/stop this from happening?

Category: asked June 25, 2013

2 Answers

Hope this would help: - - - - - Best of luck ♥
I would suggest making your sleep time as relaxing as possible by turning off all electronics an hour before bedtime, making a cuppa herbal tea and reading a positive book (nothing with relation to your issues), put in a cd of beach sounds or play a longplay 10 hours recording from youtube in the room and make the last thoughts before you sleep happy ones of recent memories or upcoming positive events.If that fails, seek professional help for the anxiety.