How do I get over this?


I can’t go anywhere right now,I hAve a fear of not being able to leave my house. I also have fears of being trapped or shut in. I don’t know how to get over this. It makes me feel depressed and panicked like I’m trapped here forever!

Category: Tags: asked January 2, 2014

2 Answers

find some things that help to calm you down, first of all. listen to soothing music, do some exercises in your home, meditate, write, read, watch a show, etc. If you live with your parents or roommates or other people, id talk to them about it. id like you to pm me if you want to talk more, the question confuses me a little bit but i want to help you, i just need to hear a little more.
Assess your situation. Are you safe? Sometimes the reassurance that you are physically okay can effect your panicked thoughts. If you have a coping strategy for dealing with your anxiety, like meditative breathing, counting, reliving a memory, that can ease you and calm you down. You are not alone with these thoughts. Just by opening up and sharing your feelings you are proving that you will not let yourself be trapped in.