How do i get out of therapy?


Hi, i used to self harm, yes i have my reasons.

Recently my parents found out that i apparently self harm due to the latest apple bullshit, my camera roll can now been seen by the entire family. My parents are forcing me to see an extremely expensive therapist that i now have to see 3 times a week. Fuck. I dont need to see a therapist as I havent cut for months and they were very old pictures, over the past few days I have cut for the first time in months because they wont leave me alone, give me any space, force me to speak to people, grounded me when i cut, yelled at me because i dont want to see the therapist.

I keep being pulled out of school to see this woman like 2 or 3 times a week now and everyone is questioning where i go, i can’t tell them and im incredibly behind on work now because of the endless classes im missing and theres just so much stress, i was hoping someone would have any suggestions to get out of this?

Category: asked October 18, 2014

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I would explore a compromise and work on reducing it to maybe once a week, asking the therapist to back you up based on the effect it has on your school work. You come out of this by showing you are responsible and reasonable.
That said, make good use of it, other people would love to be able to afford that.
Hi there. Its like what rinseandrep said. You shouldn't try to 'get out' of therapy. It's there for a reason. Even if you used to cut, stopped, then cut again because of the stress, it shows you still would resort to it, even if the reasons are what you see to be good. I'm not being condescending! But people would give a lot for the chance to see a therapist. If you spoke to her about how it's affecting you (seeing her I mean) and how it's affecting your school work, I don't see a reason why she WOULDN'T support you. As for the people at school, even if they knew where you're going, they should be able to support you. That doesn't mean blab to everyone, but if your closest friends don't know, it can affect your friendship too. Just, take a breath and talk to your therapist and parents, just to tell them how it's affecting you. Don't resort to yelling. I really hope you can work something out. All the best.
Your therapist is there to help you. Talk to her and open up. Talk to HER about what seeing her is doing to your life and she will relay concerns to your parents, especially if she learns that your parents are one of your triggers.

Your worry is also your resource. Use her and her services.

If you would like to discuss this further, my inbox is always open.
Tell your therapist exactly what you wrote here, I think that's the best you can do in this situation.