How do I get my mom to understand how poor my mental state is?


I have post traumatic stress disorder from my father, my mom fully believes that. But when I exhibit symptoms of ptsd she blames me and makes it like I can help it when I can’t! She’s really not understanding of my self harm and she gets me in more trouble than I should be in for freaking out on people. She doesn’t take it seriously when I tell her I can’t take my thoughts, I can’t function, and I need help. She even belittles it sometimes, making it like I have less ptsd than so&so, so that means I should be able to do things I just can’t do! I wish I could do some things that I just can’t do and I need some help!

Category: asked April 1, 2015

2 Answers

Show her some information on PTSD and maybe have her talk with a psychologist.
I believe I know how you feel. Your mother is probably under a lot of stress and western christian culture usually has a tendency to put blame on women whan something is wrong in the family.

So perhaps she is trying desperately to make the problem seem lesser and go on with "business as usual" even if its not possible. I fully understand how horribly annoying and difficult this must be for you.

If you are in contact with a mental health professional (any professional, it can be a local counselor) then you might want to speak openly with the professional about how your mother deals (or is failing to deal) with this. Perhaps your mother will listen if said professinal expert explains to her the details of your disorder and how it may affect daily life.