How do I get my Husband to stop falling asleep all the time?


I don’t know if he just doesn’t sleep well enough at night or if it’s a vitamin deficiency…but he falls asleep ALL THE DAMN TIME. He says he has fallen asleep at the wheel going into work at 5am. He’s fallen asleep standing up at his machine he works at. He’s fallen asleep in the movie theater, at parties, on holidays, just getting out of work…all the time! If he isn’t 100% involved in something he will pass out sitting in the most uncomfortable chair. He sleeps all night, as far as I know. Tosses a little bit, but so do I. I just don’t know what to do. He could get a full nights sleep and still be exhausted the next day. I could make him go to bed at 8pm that night and the next day not wake him up until 12pm and he will still be tired…yet he tells me that if he gets 4 hours of sleep, he feels wide awake. I just don’t understand it. What can I do to help this problem? It’s really taking a toll on me. I don’t even spend time with him anymore because he’s always sleeping when he gets home from work. Help…

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2 Answers

If he's exhausted all the time and falls asleep at random times so much, then he should really go see a doctor. There could be an easy explanation for it, but there could also be more going on.
Tell him to increase the hours he sleep every night! It might just be plain old exhaustion, but I would also suggest that you call your doctor so you can keep an eye on it. Im sure that there is a condition that fits these symptoms but I can't remember the name. Im sure its treatable with medication and extra hours of sleep. The first steps you can take is to limit electronic use for the whole family in the hour before you sleep, trade out coffee for a low caffeine tea and eventually for no coffee at all, and work to increase the hours of sleep he gets. Electronics have been proven to impact our sleep negatively when used before attempting to fall asleep. This is why you would want to limit use of electronics before you sleep. Caffeine could also be causing extreme highs and lows of energy and awakeness. You should work to minimize the amount of caffeine he drink a day and work towards keeping a natural, level amount of energy during the day. I would also definitely just try to get to sleep and hour early and see if it does anything to help. Lastly, no matter what steps you take, please please please call your doctor! Make an appointment with you general doctor, who will probably refer you to a specialist! This might be a treatable condition!