How do I get help?


I know for certain I have depression and anxiety; that’s been a given for close to 3 years now. I’m starting to wonder whether or not I also have bipolar disorder? The problem is, I can’t get help for any of these things because my parents don’t believe in mental illnesses; they tell me to just get over it. Even after I confessed to self harm and 3 adults suggested I see someone, they don’t. They tell those people they’ll consider it, but they don’t. When I went to the doctor they told me not to tell her. What do I do? An adult I trust wants to get me help secretly, but I don’t know how that’d work and I’m afraid my parents would find out.

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Monica, the most important thing right now is your well being. I have to disagree with your parents here, and side with the trusted adult. You should see a professional who can give you the help and diagnose your problem if you do indeed have one. Your parents need to realize that you need help currently, and if they're getting in the way of you beating this, then I say see a professional secretly. Your health should always come first.
Hello, I'm suffering from borderline. When I found out I was different, I asked for a test at the doctors office. When I found out I had borderline, I was really scared to tell people. When I said it to my boyfriend and parents after a long time of keeping it a secret, the only thing they said was "I don't believe in mental disorders." That broke me and I followed the advice of my boyfriend and pretended I had nothing.That was the worst mistake I ever made. I turned out completely crazy and in rage and I had a lot of trouble with myself. I cried everyday and had a lot of fear attacks. I couldn't handle myself no more, what was wrong with me?Then I broke up with my boyfriend and tried to live with my disorder. Everything turned out great. I told the friends who matter and every time I get angry without a reason they just leave me and come back the other day because they know it was just the disorder.My parents still don't believe me, and that will never change. I can't make them believe, but you can make the best out of itI went to the school psychiatrist and asked if she could help me with it. Also sharing with my friends helped me a lot. You don't have to see a psychiatrist, you can live with your disorder, it's not the end of your live. There are a lot of people out there who go through the same things as you, and sharing your story might be just as help full as going to a psychiatrist.I hope my story helps you x
Honey, you need to tell your doctor. Your life is more important than whether your parents are mad at you or not. Take the opportunity to get yourself help, screw trying to keep your parents at bay.
You need to talk to your doctor, I agree with Lauren! Your health is the most important thing, and if you have an adult to confide in that is willing to help you get help or treatment, you really should let them, even if your parents do find out. You health is more important that what your parents believe. They could possibly be jeopardizing your life by not getting you help! Talk to a school counselor or go to a clinic and talk. Search around online to find confidential information on clinics in your area.
Good luck in whatever you decide to do, Monica! xx