How do I find the truth?


I’ve been talking to this guy for a bit now and I like him a lot. I really don’t wanna waste my time in another crappy relationship and Ii don’t wanna be the girl who is always there but never gets what she wants; a relationship. How do I figure out or ask him if he wants a relationship as well or if he wants to be single? I don’t wanna come off over obsessive by asking but I want to now before I invest more feelings.

Tags: asked January 27, 2015

1 Answer

If you've both invested time together, and usually you're able to get the vibe that they like you, now yes it's possible that they can be attracted to you and not want a relationship, but to be honest don't start to put your efforts in if you haven't gotten your answer yet, because in the end if you don't get a relationship out of you, you may feel resentment for putting in all your efforts to someone who doesn't want to be in one. On the other hand, you can flat out just ask him a general question, about if he's ready for a relationship, most people don't plan on these things, but they are "open" to the idea of a relationship, as some people aren't interested in a relationship. These are tricky grey areas as sometimes people who aren't looking for a relationship, end up getting into a relationship with out planning on it. (coming from experience). You won't come off as obsessive if you're just asking- because you are looking out for yourself and thats what you should be doing. Best of Luck x