How do I find a boyfriend online?


I have looked EVERYWHERE for a boyfriend, and maybe I just want one because I’m 18 and I have never been on a date, or had a boyfriend, or even been kissed before!

So, what am I doing wrong? Have I been spoiled by seeing thousand of genetically born good-looking guys that you find in magazine and then expecting to find one of those guys in real life?
Maybe I’m just not interesting enough for a guy to like? …

I don’t know. Maybe I am expecting to find a guy that I can like, become friends with and then maybe start to date eventually.
Maybe that’s just a fantasy. I have never really been friends with a guy before!

So, what should I do?

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9 Answers

I wouldn't recommend finding a boyfriend online, it's not the greatest way to be in a relationship, although it does work for some people. I was 18 when I got my first kiss, and got my first boyfriend. He was actually a good friend and things just blossomed. The more you look the harder it will be to find one. Just go on with life and one will come by. Patience is a virtue.
I don't know but the problem is not in you. Don't start thinking that you're not interesting, you are. You just haven't find the right guy yet. You will. Maybe it would help a lot if you tried to know more boys or to gain more confidence with the ones you already know (because you said you have never been friends with a guy before and, sometimes, it's easier to fall in love with someone you're close to). I can't say much more by the information given... did you talk about how you feel with your friends (girls)?
* sorry I forgot your question about finding a boyfriend online. I think that's not the best solution, it's a risk, but for some people it might work. This is just my personal opinion. sorry that I can't help
悪魔 is totally right, okcupid is really good for that sort of thing. You can specify if you want friendship or if you're just interested in sex or a relationship, and you answer a bunch of questions that can best match you to somebody you want! :D I have found a couple friends that way. Even dated one. Best of luck! :)
If you are talkative and initiate conversation and show an interest you will be more likely to find a boyfriend. If you are quiet and shy, less likely. You can use the Tinder app to make connections with different guys.
If you do choose to date online, please be very safe! There are tons of singles online, but also tons of creeps. There are also a lot of free dating sites but they always seem to attract very strange people. You might try a paid online matching service?I've always dated guys that I was friends with first. It's a great way to get to know someone, and then if you're compatible, you can move forwards and if not you can just be friends and never bring it up. Pros: works if you're not terribly forward, too. Cons: You don't both always share the same feelings.
Have you tried dating sites like okcupid?You could also play an MMO. I know a lot of people build friendships and find love that way too, if you wanna keep the search all online.
Yeah, dating someone online is miserable. And whether anyone wants to believe it or not, whoever you're dating could very likely be lying about everything they say to you. It's happened to me. But that being said, every guy that I've actually dated in real life, it has been by pure chance. We just started talking and decided we liked each other or whatever, and then got physical with each other. It's not really like you could "do anything wrong" to put guys off, you just have to be open to that kind of thing with the right people... It's not something you can force, you just have to wait for the right time and opportunity.
-3 dude