How do I deal with this negative coworker?


I work with this rather negative young lady at the local McDonalds. We’ve known each other for about 6 years, since 7th grade. We used to be best friends. Our friendship ended the end of senior year, due ti still unknown reasons.

Recently, when we started working together, she has become quite negative ,rude and condescending towards me. She started working for McDonalds a couple of months before me, therefore is a higher level than I. She’s quite a good worker, and us good at what she does. All the management just love her, and think she can do no wrong.

She’s not particularly polite towards me though. She’s often quite rude, to the point where I don’t particularly like working with her.

Her register , that I occasionally have to share with her, is often quite a few dollars short, and I quite often am stuck paying her back for it, when I didn’t do it. I triple count all money I hand out, so I’m rarely ever short. When I confronted her with the fact that it’s only her register that’s been short, she got awfully defensive, pointing out that another register was a couple dollars short before.

She often is condescending towards me, berating whatever I do, because I still haven’t been taught how to do everything. She often tries getting me written up, for literally nothing. And she also thinks that whatever she’s doing is ok, because she’s going to be promoted to manager by December.

If one of her friends or family members orders food, she pushes me off the register, does their order, and goes as far as throwing away any non food items I use for that order, just so she can serve them. She has thrown away an iced coffee I made fir her friend, just so she could make it herself

She’s also gotten to the point, where she’s trying to forbid me from talking to certain people that come in, whom are old friends of mine. Only because she doesn’t want them to like me. .And because I accidentally bumped into her at work, she tried to ger a friend of her’s to intimidate me.

Talking to her didn’t work, she just blew me off

What can I do about her? The other crew members don’t really like her, but the management loves her

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it's quite a sticky situation , can you try to talk to the management about this issue, because it's not good anymore that she treats you like that. well i have done thesame thing this week, a senior lied about some things about me, and im the new addition to the company and its my 2nd day on the work. i was in a mess because of some lies and the chief called my attention , i said my piece about the things that happen and at first they don't believe me and pointed all the mistakes ive done, compared me to the other newbies and i was disheartened. And at the end of the day, they found the culprit who lied because they investigated.but even though we're a newbie or a junior , don't allow people to treat you unfairly. people will dig out things to prove if there is truth to anything you said. So try that one. POWER TRIPPING IS NEVER OKAY.
Hmm, this one is tricky. It sounds like this person is completely abusing what little power she has. Workplace bullying is not okay. I don't care how high up the person is, to make any employee feel inferior is totally wrong. More importantly, this person appears to have brought a personal issue into the workplace, which is incredibly unprofessional and can be seen as a serious offence. I can imagine it would also be incredibly humiliating for you. You're the newbie... Of course you have plenty to learn! To rub that in your face and abuse you because of it demonstrates this girl's lack of maturity. I know I wouldn't want to see her promoted to Manager.Try to think about how you can get your position known without stepping down to her level. My approach would be to arrange a private meeting with your workplace management. Go into the meeting fully prepared. Have her offenses down on paper and have a look around for CCTV cameras keeping an eye on the register. Don't ask them to review that footage, but remind them that the evidence is there for them to review. It's important to back yourself as well. Think of it like a politician. Every thing she says/does to you, record it in a book. It might seem vindictive, but this might actually come in useful. She has the upper hand. Your management knows her more and probably trust her more. However, if you back your argument up with conclusive evidence, they can't ignore it and she will be dealt with. Back yourself. Just do it in a mature manner :)
About the money issue. When you have a problem with a coworker, talking to them is the first step. If that doesn't work, you ask a superior to come with you to talk about the issue with the coworker. So the next time the money is short, address it with her, and if she doesn't help you fix the problem, inform a superior of the problem, and you can talk together with her. Don't put your own money in.
The costumers you know will see what she is doing, so stay calm, they can see her meddling, and you can always talk to them outside on your own without interference.
If she wants to serve her family, give her a heads up before you start serving them, so she can do that fully and you can do other stuff.
Be patient, and try to act robotic and emotionless in your interaction with her.