How do I deal with my insecurity?


Okay so umm, I never told this to anyone before, and it is pretty much my ONLY insecurity…
So umm I used to have acne, and I took medication and it is gone! and I am so happy :D But the issue is, that it left scars, A LOT of scars on my back and shoulders… So pretty much I never wear tank tops, or show my body to anyone, at all.
How do I deal with getting over this? I am afraid people will be disgusted by it and leave me.

asked November 16, 2014

5 Answers

I have severe acne as well, had it on my face as start, but it went away but instead it spread over my whole back, from shoulder all the way down. I was also pretty embarrassed to show my back and would as you, only wear clothes hiding them. I got rid of my fear of being neglected by people because of it by using it as a joke. When someone I knew came up and said "Uhh look I have gotten a pimple!" I would just go "Me too actually." And turn around and lift up my shirt. And point at one, "Look at the bastard". It was hard in the beginning, but started with close friends and my sister and worked my way up. People will find you funny and relaxed or get their spirit lift up. You can help people with that back. Show them it can be worse. Make it your trademark. Show people you are proud of it and they can't mock you for it. People mock someone for something they can see they are unsure about or insecure about, most of the time. But acne is a common problem, never have I seen or heard someone talk shit about someone because of acne. Start with relatives and close friends(or just at home by yourself, walk around topless and every time you pass a mirror say to yourself -I am one sexy bastard-), go swim with them or such. Or just go by yourself and do public stuff where you can be topless at. You will get comfortable after some time. Everyone will see that you have had acne, yes, but they will see you got through it and that you are such a badass that you don't care. They won't look down at you, they will look up at you and think quietly for themselves "I wish I had such confidence as him".
Well, I could tell you that it's okay, that everyone has something on their bodies that they think looks gross (personally, I have pretty bad acne on my face- there's no covering it). Nobody worth talking to is going to leave you after seeing your scars. I think you know that already, though.

So my suggestion is to gradually stop covering it. You can start by wearing tank tops around the house (if it's warm enough) to get comfortable with it yourself. Then, start wearing tank tops around your close friends. Eventually, you might be comfortable enough to wear a swim suit to the pool.
You have to ignore it and be confident about yourself :) There's always going to be someone that will judge you for your appearance, if it's not acne it would be something else, really... Try not to focus on their opinion, just feel comfortable with yourself, that's what actually matters! Also (speaking from experience), if you're getting some vitamin D from the sun, it helps a lot to clear those scars, at least, it can make them less noticeable. Love yourself!
no one has a perfect skin its natural. maybe it is worse with you then with other people but the thing is people mainly don't judge you they just wonder what happened to your skin if you have scars but you will still be you and nobody will like you any less if you have scars. it is a part of you and you should embrace it and make the best of it and if you have some confidence and act there is nothing wrong people won't think anything is wrong.
People don't say shit out loud, and besides, why would they?