How do I deal with being tired, unmotivated and sleep deprivation?


I’m in college, I was failing 4 classes worth 8 credits that I dropped and replaced and I might have video game addiction and when I’m not gaming I’m sleep deprived and unmotivated, how do I deal with this?

I also get depressed/sad so I use video games to deal with my sadness.

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2 Answers

Do you work out? I understand that you feel unmotivated, trust me, so do I. But when I started working out, I didn't want to do it until I had a friend literally kick my butt into gear and wouldn't let up on me until I did my workout for the day. After about a week, my energy went through the roof, my sleeping habits became great because I was so exhausted after the workout that my body needed the sleep. And with my friend pushing me forward I found that it was easier to do the workout when she was the one I was doing it for. I love video games myself, and it's a great way to relax your mind. But it makes your body restless. You're mentally tired from the game and school, but you're not physically tired because your body is just sitting there while you're playing the game and at school. You need to get a great workout where it won't take up too much time but will really work our body. I did Insanity by Shaun T and it was amazing. It's a killer, though, so I would try something easier at first. If you want to keep talking, you can message me on here. :) I hope this helped.
Go see a doctor. You might be clinically depressed and need medication/therapy. If you have a chemical imbalance, its going to be very difficult (but not impossible) to deal with any other issues, such as video game addiction, etc. Be completely up front with your doctor...I wish you all the luck in the world