How do I cope when my boyfriends away?


I’m quite emotionally dependant on my boyfriend, we live 200 miles apart anyway but we’ve been in contact daily for 2 years even before we were a couple. Whether it was texting, phone calls, over Xbox Live, we’ve spoken.

He’s gone to Australia for a family holiday. The rational side of me understands this but the needy side feels as if I constantly need him to provide comfort, I know I can’t contact him daily because of where he is.

How can I cope with this? It’s only for a space of 3 weeks but I feel as if I’ve entered a grieving process and I’m embarrassed over it.

Category: Tags: asked November 3, 2013

2 Answers

I think it's best to just try and do something that can take your mind off of it. Try to keep yourself busy. The more downtime you have, the more you will want to talk to him.

If you find yourself with downtime, try to do something that uses a lot of your mind, like an interesting book or a videogame that requires a lot of mental effort. That way you can keep your mind off of it.

One other thing you could try, if you just can't go without contacting him is to write him a letter each day. Talk about your day, how much you miss him etc. You don't even have to mail them/give them to him, but it may help you feel like you're still contacting him.
Take time to do things for yourself - like take care of yourself emotionally. when we rely on other people for our own emotional well being, we become dependent on them. You can treat your three weeks like you're waiting for him to come back, or you can treat your three weeks like you're living your life. It's your own choice.