How do I convince people?


Hello, I am 13, although I am young, unlike other thirteen year old people who say this, I am actually mature. I put my thoughts on politics, I act like an adult,and even some teachers have said I don’t act like a kid, and that I speak like an adult. I have my opinions on certain matters, like the whole “gay marriage” debate. I feel like everyone should be treated equal.I have my thoughts on gun violence and other touchy matters. How do I convince people that I’m more mature than the normal teenager?

asked March 27, 2015

3 Answers

Show, don't tell. Be yourself. You have no need to convince someone that you are mature for your age. A lot of people that I talk to tell me that I'm extremely mature for my age, but this isn't because I somehow convinced them. With some people, after a conversation, they usually just realize it.
precisely!!!!!! alex is right smurg. don't convince them, just be your self! if they still don't believe you, then let them be. don't strive to prove yourself to someone who has a narrow mind. besides, we can never please every human being in this world to believe or to like us. there will be some of us who just won't believe/like us even if we already did everything just to please them.. act like what you've been acting and do what you've been doing without proving yourself to anyone.
My conversing in a mature manner. I was like that when I was your age and I am still mature for my age, 16. Get your topics out there and let people see you are mature and have good opinions to share.