How do I convince my mother to let me stop going to church on weekly basis?


I am sixteen and recently told my religious parents that I am an atheist. Mom asked me if I’d like help believing in God again or if I just need to take a step back and help myself. I have no interest in believing in God, so I said I’d like to take a step back. She later told me that I had to keep going to church because it’s family time. I pointed out that sitting and not talking isn’t really valuable family time, and asked if we could simply play board games on Saturday night instead. She said no and pointed out that I wouldn’t do anything but sleep and get on the computer, anyway. I said that I would wake up at my usual time, and she could turn the internet off and I’ll use the time for homework or chores. I tried meeting her halfway, and asking if I could go every other week, or just to Sunday School and walk home afterwards (it isn’t a long walk, only about two miles. I can do that). I even pointed out that forcing me to go to church will only make me more resentful towards the religion, and if taking a step back will help me any, I need to really take a step back. I don’t want to upset her, so what else can I say to convince her? I do everything else she asks of me, I just can’t pretend to believe in the magic man in the sky. I just want this one thing. I don’t know how much longer I can manage going every week with a mask on, incarcerated in the sanctuary with a group of vapid people who accept everything they hear from the pulpit. Certainly not two years!

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2 Answers

Firstly I applaud you for being mature enough to try and negotiate with your mother in a very tasteful way. Secondly you are right, if your mother continues to force you to go to Church and you are adamant in your disbelief dissent will become dominant in your life. You need to point out to her that you wont become a bad person if you do not go to Church. If she really wants to have a more spiritual moment as a family go to a park and take a walk, something you obviously don't mind doing. The way I see it is if you can be a good person without an organized religion then by all means you do not need an organized religion. ---from a very religious person.
I admit, I'm kinda going through the same thing. I told my parents but they told me don't renounce your Christianity until you are more informed of the religion. When i think about it, it is true. Religion is a form of hope for people going through hard times and it also helps me keep my morals straight. When i go to church, the only thing i listen to is the homily. That is if the priest is good. I use most of the time to evaluate myself and my morals.So I'm probably gonna renounce my faith if ever I finish college and I still feel like a forced Christian