How do i compete with his video game?


How do i compete with my boyfriend’s video game obsession?

My darling boyfriend is quite literally obsessed with video games, if he isn’t eating, sleeping, or with me, he’s on Assassins Creed.
Don’t get me wrong, i like video games, and gaming myself, I’m just not that obsessed.

By boyfriend often ignores texts from me, for games, and can go several hours without responding. He’s also admitted I’m in competition with his game for his attention.

I did tell him I’m jealous, and for some reason, he finds it cute.

I won’t leave him over this obsession, but how do i compete with it?

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1 Answer

Young lady, you don't.

He is not a competition for his attention. If he can not, of his own volition put away his games and spend time with you, he will not be an adequate life partner. Look at that behavior on a wider scale.

His quality as a partner, as a mate, as a productive human being, is told through his actions. He doesn't step away from his video game until he hits "burnout" and can not physically stand to continue playing; then he interacts with the world around him. That is not healthy, and you can not fix that about him.

You have to tell him like it is; tell him that either he spends more time with you, because you have been feeling neglected, or you are through. You will not compete with a video game; you will not compete with anything for his attention. Don't use this as a test, don't try to scare him into spending time with you, this is a deathly-serious ultimatum to make him show you what is more important to him. The Wizard's Fifth Rule covers this: "Mind what people do, not only what they say; for deeds will betray a lie."

Texting you more often is not getting better, calling you is not getting better, the only way he can demonstrate his willingness to spend time with you is by turning off the game and physically spending time with you. Don't accept anything less.