How do I avoid getting hurt?


I have a friend who I no longer see very often because she went to college and I’m in high school. When we were close, I spent a lot of time supporting her and being a loyal and reliable friend but when I had issues, she was distant and touchy and just not friendly at all. It was almost as if I was annoying her. How can I let go of this relationship, knowing that I will see her in the near future, without being bitter towards her?

Tags: asked January 26, 2015

2 Answers

Try to remind yourself that you deserve better. You deserve a friend who will actually be there for you when you have a bad day. Clearly she only cares about herself. It's not going to be easy to not be bitter towards her. You've been there for her and she wasn't there for you. Try to ignore her and give your time to people who actually care about you like you care about them.
Remember that you're a great friend, and if people aren't going to treat you the same then you shouldn't waste your time with them, while you're worrying about your friendship going sour they are probably not concerned with it at all, know that you should be appreciated by all your friends. If they're not willing to care for you like you do for them, you don't need them! x