How do I accept myself?


I’m having troubles or issues or whatever with myself (my body, my image, etc.) i see myself as someone who is ugly, and I try to “fix” the issues that make me feel this way about myself by my own way. I permanently cut out candy and junk food to get rid of my acne, and I felt like i was getting fat so I started to cut out a lot of foods and counting calories. But since then, I’ve been forcing myself to excercise and stay away from certain foods just so I wouldn’t gain weight. Now I’m underweight, but whenever I gain a pound or two, I get terrified and I start to just eat vegetables and excercise more than I should. I get so depressed over things, like foods that I cannot eat. I think the real problem is that I can’t accept myself or the things I want because I want to discipline my body to make it look “perfect”. I’m really skinny (at least that’s what other people say) now but I am still so depressed because I feel like I’ll snap and just start gaining weight again. How do I stop being so worried?

Category: asked June 21, 2015

3 Answers

I can totally understand how you have been feeling about yourself. You have to realise that a life of self acceptance is way better then life of self-hatred. And who is actually perfect ? People have issues with there looks and personality all the time.
But you need to be happy and proud of your strengths, you need to clear the weed that you've grown around to see a better you. Be confident, look around there are people who are deprived in so many ways. At least you can help yourself and others.
Also make sure you don't surround yourself with people who put negative thoughts in you. Be kind to yourself, ask you inner critic to shut the F up and forgive yourself for past regrets. And also know that acceptance is not resignation, work on yourself with a positive attitude and you will do wonders :) All the best.
Just stop worring to much . It doesn't change anything and it dosent make anything better . Nobody is perfect and will never be . People love people for those inperfection. You dont love someone beacuse they are perfect but in the spite of fact that they are not . So how about you will try to love your self for who you are not for who you want to be .. we live once then why count caloris and say no to soo much goodies .. dont cut exercising cuz that will keep you healty and whats most importend happy . So start doing things you love insted of forcing yourself to be someone you not . Who you doing it for ? For your self .. really ? Then why are you so sad ? Well how about that each morning you wake up you will look at your self in the mirror you will smile and say to your self OUT LOUD "i love my self, im bueatiful " dose it really sound stupid try it out .. and trust me after couple of days you will feel better cuz what we tent to tell our self we believe it .
Perfection is flaw within itself. If someone had the perfect body, that's it, there would be no more room for intelligence, no room for imagination, ability or improvement. Being imperfect means that we get to see the joy of improving, to ascend to the next level but not be perfect. I'm not saying that you should make your body worse obviously. But I think you have to come to terms with perfection and the myth of it. To have the motivation to improve but to not overthink it by following the idea of perfection. In other words:

"Have no fear of perfection, you'll never reach it." - Salvador Dali