How did you overcome your phobia?


I have several phobias that really hold me back from enjoying life sometimes. I’ve finally decided it’s time to start trying to overcome it, but I don’t really know where to start. I tried counseling and that alone did not do anything. Has anyone successfully overcome a phobia and how did you do it? I was also wondering if you’re still afraid of your phobia and just tolerate it or if it really doesn’t bother you at all anymore.


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2 Answers

Systematic desensitization.
I used to be a diver (the kind that jumped off of high things into water) and I hit the board once. I was afraid to do almost all my competition dives after that. Eventually my coach helped me find a solution. This is very strange, but the less conscious I was, the easier it was to dive. I came to practice at 4 in the morning and eventually I could do the dives when I was wide awake!