How can you tell when a boy likes you?


Well, long story short, there’s this boy I kind of have a crush on, and all my friends are 100% positive he likes me. But how can I be sure because I don’t want to ask him out, him say no, and ruin our friendship. And DON’T say to ask him, I never will in a million years! Thanks for the help! :)

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3 Answers

thats a hard question cuz all guys are different in the way they act. i have known guys who would seem like they liked a girl, but really that was just the way they were. do not ask him. i know u said u wouldnt but just dont. it can turn a guy off. make him come to u. just drop hints to let him know u like him and see how he responds to them. thats the best i can say cuz all guys are different when it comes to girls so. sorry im not much help with that, but thats just my experience with guys :/
Well this is a very complicated subject, I would have to know more in order to give you some idea on this, and I would love to help you, so private message me at bbblife42.
From personal experience I can tell you no two guys are alike
But, there are things most humans do, unintentionally, that show interest.

Things like dilated pupils, speaking more softly, and even leaning toward you when they're sitting near you are physical reactions when a person likes someone.

Also, listen to the way he talks to you / the nature of the conversation.
If he talks to you the same as he does his best friends, chances are he sees you as a friend.